Because every Eipiânari is already predispositioned for alterations and growth, the nature of experiments done on Xvastari will only serve to repurpose his baseline protocols with enhancements and alterations. Essentially, once done dealing with odd circumstances and overcoming their trauma, the Eipiâanari on Earth will both awaken new and stupendous gifts of power within themselves, making them extreme versions of what they already once were. They retain all Eipiânari gifts and foundations while elevating the standards with which they operate to new extreme heights.


Thanks to the nature of their human infusion and the removal of spiritual blocks technologically implanted, the two Eipiânari of Earth are now advanced components of their own species, elevated to new baseline levels of power and regulation. Living mystical and organic technology, they are now representative of the finest and most powerful possibilities of their origin imaginable.