A simple rich, right-wing boy living in on an estate in France and studying art, Matthieu Calixte has never registered as having any capacity for power or circumstance. The nature of his Eipiânari genetic makes it so no empath, or psionic, can reason out his truth and because of the distance he is kept at, he has spent the better part of 4 years living without any knowledge or interaction that does not quantify that he is simply another spoiled heir of Earth.


While Matthieu Calixte does not present as homostia or cyborg on Earth, thanks to clever distribution of genetic materials, he has shown various "superpowers" now and again, such as rapid reflexes, impossible levels of strength, and being able to withstand falls from great heights. Under extreme stress, even the great DSSM doctors could not completely inhibit his nature to fight, either, which has proven dangerous when attacks go down.


Though there are literally thousands of protocols and temporary personalities (a majority even have names and false histories themselves) stored in Matthieu, each with its own command prompt. But the overarch of tropes and archtypes within him are started and tested with trigger songs — modes of modification.

Tristan un Isolde, Prelude ⋟ The Wagner piece is used as a device to trigger the total shutdown of Matthieu Calixte and Xvastari themselves. This song is a forced slumber that powers down all programming and forces a full eight hour rest cycle should the entire song be played through, even after the synthetic has fallen asleep.
Anna Hauss, I Can't Remember Love ⋟ A song created special for the DSSM's use, it triggers in Xvastari a 'forgetting'. Originally only capable of trying to subdue the primary personality, the song is now useful for forcing the body and system to store away and "forget" the occurences of the last six hours. Because of this, it is a kind of exit song after sessions with DSSM guests; just three minutes can erase most sessions before the next guest and new personality must be uploaded.
Claire Martin, Embraceable You ⋟ A song that helps to stir the body back awake with new programming and personality, Embraceable You is the assurance that memories, personality and functions are fully loaded and ready for launch and use. Without the song, it was occasional that Mattheiu would half-wake unsure, uncertain and muddled by the false memories, talents and tasks being implanted. The song can be used in a session, as well, to suggest new memories and verbalize command suggestions for the synthetic experience.
Édith Piaf, Padam Padam ⋟ Occasionally, when using the synth for sex games, or rituals, the members want more sporadic romance imbued into the sensation. Some even yearn for a true relationship or dating experience with Boy. So, the song is used to instigate the romantic or loverboy protocols further, giving spontaneous devotion to the Boy so he treats his partner as a devoted and absolute servant.
Black Sabbath, N.I.B. ⋟ Some of the members yearn to use their temporary growth for physical prowess beyond sex. So, the song plays to activate the fighter, combatant or killing mode in Boy. It triggers his instinct to destroy, to counter and conquer, depending on the measure of commands given beforehand.