Dum Spiro Spero Meliora, meaning: While I Breathe, I Hope for Better Things. A secret hellfire club which exists as an offshoot of the old society Ordo Templis Orientis. The DSSM exists while aiming to utilize the occult, and indulgence of bodies, to enhance and expand the breadth of human capacity. With regular biweekly meetings in Montenegro, the DSSM is an international association of celebrities, societal elite and the extremely wealthy that currently aim to use their sex rituals and blood-letting practices become a gateway to true power: transcendent immortality. Currently there are four levels of membership: Aurum, Dominus, Violet Key and Lux Terminus. Non-members are invited regularly and participate, but must pay a $20,000 minimum fee per hour with a synthetic and an extra $50,000 for a trial of Transcendence Treatment to enhance the synthetic experience. Various levels of payment are in existence with the customization options for the synthetics — bust and cock size, stamina, personality trait, skin tones, body shape etc.

Deep Space Divines

The race to harvest space materials is nothing new. Neither is the idea of immortal, all powerful beings living and walking among the lands. What was new, however, were the stories of species, an entire universe of species, that could not only live in perpetual glory but could impart these gifts unto others. When the DSSM heard of the very notion, they began their work, sending explorers every which way they could until finally they found the truth of the Eipiânari — and a weakness. The crashed explorer was not only saved by the people but offered assistance getting home to a people who, as far as the Eipiânari were being told, were as hopeless as a species could be. A truly worthy cause, then, was taken up as a small cluster of warriors boarded a ship that would meet its demise before entering the Milky Way. With assistance from some others who wanted to use the scrap metal parts of the lingering dead, the DSSM were able to overwhelm the ship and kidnap two of the warriors before converting them into false children with entire false memories of lives, and personalities, to play with and explore for selfish human gain.

Dum Spiro Spero Meliora

With currently 2,700 active members and well over two million guests since the introduction of Boy and Girl to the mix, the DSSM is a massively powerful force in the world of politics, regulatory laws, technology, communications and entertainment, featuring award winning talents in a variety of fields. Most members are of the full belief that the right to mystical inheritance belongs to humans and the elite — others simply believe that indulgence is euphoria and euphoria is immortality. All, however, now yearn for a chance to feel stronger, faster, better than ever before, paying for the Transcendence Treatment with their Synthetic Hours to keep up whether in sex, violence, or whatever other fantasy they have paid for.

The Lux Terminus, or the founders themselves, are of a unique and old belief: a bastardization of Thelema which ascertains that every human being is a star and the rest are false gods and prophets. They must find their true power, love and magic, which inherits all devotion of self and absolute free will to do what they have been born to do: rule over all.