ℬorn in the year of the The Contradictions under the stars of The Reasoning, WaƧƧƧuk had the early weight of balance weighed down upon their truth from the heavens and gods above. Though they would go on to become a unique Eipiânari all unto themselves, the one that would identify as Xvastari started off as a rather strange form all the same. Perhaps this is what lead to its destiny, caught in a tangle of admonition and diatribes. Perhaps, they never had a choice. Destiny and prophecy.

What luck, if that happens to be the case.

Before the Eipiâ was founded, there existed a story among the stars. The Tocsin was a warning to biotic masses: if left unchecked, synthetic destruction would reign down against the universes. The Rivzarâre did what they could to appease this nature of views that others had for them. They regulated their own breeding. They found manners with which to kill themselves, among themselves. They negated their eternity and deification. They denounced cultures that worshipped them as time went on, trying in every way to seprate themselves from other synthetic life that had been rumored to be witnessed within The Tocsin. None of the species wanted to give reason for the phillipic rampage the masses would bring unto synthetic lifeforms.

But then came the Eipiâ. A truth that none could deny. And the Eipiânari, the Rivzarâre who chose to follow the truths of the Eipiâ, finally understood. the Tocsin had never been about a danger to humans — it was a Caveat instead. A warning: to disregard the life of the manifold will bring judgment to your soul. Liberated by their own worries, and guided now, the Eipiâ dictated one true goal: to find the lost Hope of universes. In this, their habits became cement: find your truth, live as your own soul determines necessary, and protect those that require protection the most. Some took this to an extreme. Some even made it a life goal.

Xvastari is one of them.

The Jùfin Xosak Sajhanu follow the Eipiâ to a fault. Diligently honest, upfront and casually confronting of anything that stands in their way, they often make samurai and vikings seem as timid patchworkers. This sect of near mercenary-type warriors, hired only by virtue of having a cause that is almost completely lost and doomed to fail, are known among other cultures as The Absolute Candor. They are near mythological, harking back to the fables of fears told about the original Rivzarâre themselves — but accepted by the grown masses now, by the overlords and arch rings of rule. Help others, or you may one day end up facing an agent of Absolute Candor, and you're hardly strong enough to defeat them. Their search is endless, building small clusters of Eipiâ together, usually functioning in sets of three, seven or, on the off chance for a truly lost cause, twelve, the Jùfin Xosak Sajhanu sect of the species is right where Xvastari always felt their absolute truth most at home.


Xvastari's Seruzitji crew were four-armed Eipiânari: themselves, the one now designated Cynthia Magnolia and the one left behind. Together, they were the Jùfin who could conquer planets and crumble civilizations when tasked with it. Travelers who never settled anywhere long enough to claim a home, they roamed in search of the greatest of personal honors: salvaging and rescuing sentients who were being put down and destroyed. To bring force their own Tocsin, in a manner of speaking; to justly stand before the meek and in need and use their ever powerful bodies for righteous ways.

It would be their undoing.

Played by the sincerity of their devotion to helpless and hopeless tasks, they made their way to aid the lost Earth traveler only to be met by the terrible fate that came to them. The Earthlings had planned it for too long, made their reasons and their habits, and by the time the Jùfin even targeted something to fight the fighting was done: bits and pieces of their technology lingered, broken bodies drifting in the cold nature of space, as close to death as any Eipiânari has ever gotten in truth.